NEW Integrated RS-232 drivers available

Crestron Control4 ControlFX RTI AMX Bitwise

We are proud to announce the latest control drivers are now available for multi-room control integration. CYP can now provide system integrators and custom install engineers with powerful control solutions for seamlessly controlling the most demanding of installation environments. The table below shows the availability of control drivers for CYP’s range of AV distribution solutions.

Integraton table

Please contact CYP or your local distributor for direct access and support for the RS-232 modules you require. Currently this includes the following CYP solutions:


 PU-8H8HBTE8x8 HDbaseT Matrix


8x8 HDbaseT Matrix



Please click the image above to download a PDF

Information Brochure


PU-8H8CTXIR8-Way HDMI HDBaseT™ Transmitter with 8x8 IR Matrix (inc. POE)
 OR-HD88S8x8 HDMI Matrix
 OR-HD88HC8x8 HDMI Matrix (With simultaneous HDMI and CAT outputs)
 OR-HD44S4x4 HDMI Matrix
 OR-HD44E4x4 HDMI Matrix
 PU-O4H4C4x4 HDMI to Twin CAT 5 Matrix
 PU-8H8HBTL8 x 8 HDMI HDBaseT™ LITE Matrix
 PU-424HBTE4 x 4 HDMI HDBaseT™ Matrix with 2 simultaneous HDMI Outputs (5-Play™ including PoE)
 PU-424HBTL-KIT4 x 4 HDMI HDBaseT™ LITE Matrix (with 2 simultaneous HDMI outputs) including 4x PU-514L-RX Receivers