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Take This Opportunity to Grab a Bargain

Whilst stocks last, we are offering the rare opportunity of some amazing offers on a selection of our AV solutions from across our extensive product range. From full HDBaseT™ matrices and extenders through to our audio and video 'get out of jail' solutions, popular products from our range are all available on a first come, first served basis!

If you are looking for a HDBaseT matrix bargain, key models from our range are included within the promotion. For larger installs, our 8 x 8 PU-8H8HBT offers eight HDMI inputs that can be routed to any of the eight HDBaseT outputs, offering 2-Way IR and PoE (Power over Ethernet) to lengths of up to 100m using CAT5e/6/7 cable. For smaller installations, our 4 x 4 PU-444HBTE offers the full HDBaseT feature set (including LAN serving) and distribution over 100m of up to four HDMI inputs to four HDBaseT outputs, plus 4 HDMI outputs connecting up to 8 displays. If LAN serving is not required and shorter cable runs not an issue, our HDBaseT LITE PU-424HBTL-KIT offers the same number of inputs to 4 HDBaseT outputs, plus 2 simultaneous HDMI outputs. The HDBaseT outputs can be run via CAT6 cabling up to 60m and four receivers are included packed into a handy, ready-to-go package.

For distribution of HDMI signals point-to-point via CAT using HDBaseT technology, we are also offering our ever-popular PU-506TX/RX transmitter and receiver as part of this promotion. Allowing for cable runs of up to 100m and featuring 2-way IR and RS-232 control, this pairing has always offered incredible value that is now even better. For shorter cable lengths, the HDBaseT LITE PU-513L-TX/RX extender offers even greater value for money when sending HDMI, IR, and RS-232 signals up to 60m.

HDMI to HDMI matrix switchers have always been popular choice for both commercial and residential applications and we are offering three models within this promotion; the 2x input - 2x output OR-HD22S, the 2x input - 4x output OR-HD24S and the 4x input - 4x output OR-HD44E. All models feature the ability to send any input to any or multiple outputs and can be controlled via the supplied remote control, RS-232, or by using the input switching buttons on the front of the device.

With over 60 products on offer, now really is the chance to pick up a bargain. For further details, contact your CYP distributor.

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