Now in stock - Introducing the SY-4KS-4K22 4K HDMI Scaler
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Now in stock - Introducing the SY-4KS-4K22 4K HDMI Scaler with Dual Outputs & HDCP Converter

Integrators are often faced with a wide range of challenges when it comes to managing a variety of different video signals and resolutions within any AV system, and the introduction of 4K resolutions can sometimes add a level of complexity that can be misunderstood. When working with systems that have multiple displays, and differing resolution support, the challenge becomes even more demanding. In order to help tame these video signals, our latest scaler gives integrators the necessary tools with a simple to use, one-box solution that helps provide compatibility options within a mixed-resolution display installation. Thanks to its ability to upscale 1080p resolutions to 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolutions, or downscale a UHD 4K signal to 1080p, it is the perfect addition to our range of "get out of jail" AV solutions. The SY-4KS-4K22 utilises the latest HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 technology, ensuring the highest level of compatibility available.

Incorporating two HDMI outputs, one of which can upscale or bypass (input follows output) and the second can downscale or bypass the incoming signal. The SY-4KS-4K22 allows the user to select the highest supported resolution between the source and each connected display. Both HDMI outputs operate simultaneously. Additionally, the SY-4KS-4K22 is capable of performing a Deep Colour Conversion from 12 or 10 bit to 8 bit (including HDR down conversion for non-HDR compatible displays).

Other key features include an on-board HDCP conversion tool allowing compatibility with HDCP1.4 displays, and a Digital to Analogue audio Converter (DAC) for stereo audio breakout via RCA connectors on the rear of the device.

For installations where different screen resolutions are required, the SY-4KS-4K22's powerful scaling engine and on-board signal management tools makes it the obvious scaler of choice.

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