Introducing the CYP EL-8500AV Presentation Switch

Introducing the CYP EL-8500VA Presentation Switch

Control the whole meeting room
with a single Interface!


For those requiring maximum flexibility of an AV system for presentations and lectures, our flagship CYP EL-8500VA Advanced 4K Presentation Switch is the perfect solution!

When only the best will do, our latest flagship EL-8500VA Advanced 4K Presentation Switch offers integrators the very latest in connectivity, technology and control. Its multi-format inputs, including USB-C, HDMI and HDBaseT, means that no matter what the source, the EL-8500VA is able to offer full 4K scaling from either a source connected locally or, thanks to the HDBaseT input, connectivity with a source housed up to 70 metres away in another area of the building. With its HDMI and HDBaseT outputs, both local and remote displays can be connected, whilst the addition of a keypad controller, such as the CYP CR-TG1 (not included), gives relay, triggers and RS-232 control of the system to the user or remotely, depending on the application.

Crucially, the on-board audio mixer, microphone input and amplifier makes the mixing of audio from any source seamless. Whether it is adding commentary over a soundtrack or just playing the audio track of a presentation, the EL-8500VA offers total flexibility. And with the added built-in 20 watt stereo amplifier, an additional speaker system can be connected directly to enhance the audio experience.

So no matter what the application, the CYP EL-8500VA could be the ultimate 4K all-in-one presentation switch you will ever need!

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