Stream Anything Everywhere With The New X-STREAM-R From CYP!

Stream Anything Everywhere With The New IP-XTREAM-R From CYP!

The Perfect Streaming Partner

Whether wanting to stream a live lecture, sermon, gaming session or conference speech, things have just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the new CYP IP-XTREAM-R. Offering a whole host of user-friendly and flexible features, the IP-XTREAM-R delivers local presentations in full 4K video quality, whilst offering the ability to record and live stream to your preferred on-line video channel at the same time in full HD.

Sitting in-line between the source and the local display device, the IP-XTREAM-R passes through full 4K video content for local attendees to view on any connected device. At the same time, the sophisticated streaming technology automatically scales the same signal to 1080p to deliver the perfect stream to any relevant playback platform, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Snapchat.

All streams can also be recorded locally (via Micro-SD or USB) or onto a network drive at 1080p quality, allowing for editing and uploading to the user’s own platform at a later date. Pre-recorded streams can also be played back at specific times, were that to be required.

Adding more impact to any presentation, the IP-XTREAM-R will mix the output of any connected audio player thanks to the built-in audio mixer, whilst control and set up is simple via WebGUI or the front panel controls.

Combining multiple options with true 4K video quality and simple control, the IP-XTREAM-R delivers presentations whenever and wherever you need them!