4K UHD Video Wall Plug and Play Simplicity From CYP

Video walls enhance any retail, hospitality or leisure environment, especially when delivering crisp 4K UHD images and text. Launching now, our DS-MSC14-4K22 video wall controller delivers true 4K video performance in a compact Plug & Play device, ensuring the very best performance from any any HDMI source in an easy to install package

By taking the single HDMI ouput from any 4K source, the DS-MSC14-4K22 will split the signal to deliver a 2 x 2 video wall set up.

For larger applications, such as travel terminal displays or shopping malls, up to four DS-MSC14-4K22’s can be combined with the QU-4-4K22 video splitter to deliver a 4 x 4 video wall. The maximum video wall size supported is 8x8. 

When combined with our range of Premium Certified HDMI Cables, a true 4K UHD experience can be ensured every time.

By combining crisp 4K UHD performances with simple Plug & Play installation, the DS-MSC14-4K22 makes delivering compelling and eye-catching video walls easier than ever before!