WPS-HP201 Hyshare Pro Wireless Presentation System

Hyshare Pro is a high-performance Wireless Presentation System which offers a smooth wireless casting experience, leaving the users free from messy cables. With its simple installation and setup, the user is free to concentrate on their presentation. Hyshare Pro pr...

WPS-QPL01 Hyshare Wireless Presentation System, Entry Level Model (Lite)

​The WPS-QPL01 (LT01/LR01) is an entry level model in CYP's Wireless Presentation System (WPS) product family. It is a powerful but low cost WiFi Presentation System product. It contains one transmitter (LT01) and one receiver (LR01). The plug & mirror capability ...

WPS-QPM01 Hyshare Wireless Presentation System

​Hyshare is a high-performance Wireless Presentation System (WPS). It is the mainstream model of the Hyshare product family. Although it is small, it still comes with powerful dual-core SoC and advanced 802.11ac 5GHz Wi-Fi to provide you a smooth wireless display expe...