3-Way Switchers


EL-31SY 3-Way HDMI Switcher

‚ÄčThe EL-31SY switcher allows the user to input three HDMI sources and switch between these sources to provide a single HDMI output to a display. This switcher can be controlled via the supplied remote control or by using the input switching button on the front of the ...

EL-31TT-4K22 3-way HDMI Tabletop Switching Module (4K, HDCP2.2 HDMI 2.0a)

The EL-31TT-4K22 has been specially designed to be used in its tabletop enclosure or as part of a modular desk mounting solution, simplifing connectivity and switching requirements within the meeting room. Featuring 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output supports full 4K signa...

EL-M31TT-4K22 4K 6G HDR Multi-format USB-C, MiniDP, HDMI to HDMI output table-top switcher

The EL-M31TT-4K22 4K 6G UHD+ Multi Format to HDMI Table Box is an HDMI, Mini-DP, and USB-C switcher with audio embedding and HDMI output. The table box is designed to be placed on a table, or mounted to any typical table edge using the supplied clamp. The HDMI, Mini-Dis...