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XA-1 3D Ready Mini Pattern Generator with HDMI Source Analysis and Audio Return Channel (ARC) Test Function

​The XA-1 is the perfect analysis tool for AV installers and integrators. This device allows the user to analyse AV sources for resolution and EDID information whilst also providing pattern generation and test functions for identifying display capabilities. This ...

XA-4 Advanced HDMI Pattern Generator & Analyser (4K, HDCP2.2, HDMI2.0)

​The XA-4 Advanced HDMI Pattern Generator and Analyser is an integrators tool for producing 4K HDMI signals for verifying and testing wider AV installations. This device has 54 resolutions settings, 47 test patterns, and 6 analysis tests which provide over a...

XA-S11 EDID/CEC Selector

​The XA-S11 high performance HDMI v1.3 synchroniser allows the user to set up a firm EDID and CEC connection between the source and the display, eliminating the time spent on signal configuration before receiving the signal.

XA-2 HDMI Pattern Generator (4K, HDCP2.2, HDMI2.0)

​The XA-2 is an advanced yet compact and convenient pattern generator for testing and troubleshooting HDMI devices. There are 6 resolution settings covering 4K Ultra HD and Full HD resolutions, 4 test patterns, HDCP (1.4, 2.2 and non-HDCP), and 3 audio settings e...

XA-HDCP HDCP & Colour Bandwidth Converter (4K, HDMI2.0)

​The XA-HDCP is designed to enable installers to manage HDCP (High-Bandwidth Definition Content Protection) signals. Since the introduction of HDCP2.2, which is not backwards compatible with previous versions, installers face the challenge of managing copy protected c...

XA-HSP HDMI Surge Protection Tool

Designed to help protect your HDMI devices, the XA-HSP is a crucial tool when installing HDMI systems in locations where there can be power fluctuations caused by unstable mains power or where the site is susceptible to earthing problems or lightning strikes. Installers...