APC-USB USB Power Cable with Locking Connector

APC-USB - 45 degree
APC-USB - 45 degree
APC-USB - Back
APC-USB - Front
The USB Power cable with locking DC connector is designed to utilise the USB output from your TV to power a range of CYP products.

These cables are available as an optional accessory for CYP products providing another level of flexibility for any AV installation. 

Please note that the USB specifications of TV's and displays do vary by manufacturer. CYP cannot guarantee the performance of the USB output ports and thus we recommend checking the specifications of the screen to ensure the correct compatibility with the CYP device requiring power. All CYP product specifications can be found in the product manual as reference for checking compatibility. 

  • 1m USB to DC Power Cable with locking DC connector
  • Discretely power CYP products via a USB output port from a display
Dimensions 110mm [W] x 25mm [D] x 15mm [H]
Net Weight 40g
Gross Weight 60g