Sorry, this product has now been discontinued. Please call for advice on an alternative.

CCR-9 Reversible Analogue NTSC/PAL Converter

CCR-9 - 45 degree
CCR-9 - 45 degree
CCR-9 - Schematic
CCR-9 - Front
​A three-in-one device that will maintain the quality of your S-Video recording onto DVD disc, ​Independently correct red, green & blue, contrast and brightness on a true RGB signal, and convert colour information from a true NTSC signal to PAL I (both ways) for viewing only.

(PLEASE NOTE: This unit will only allow copying from PAL source to PAL recorder or NTSC source to NTSC recorder. For transferring NTSC video to PAL you will need a Digital Standards Converter).
  • Removes distorted vertical and horizontal information
  • Removes Teletext information which may affect signal
  • Works with both PAL and NTSC signals. (PAL to NTSC or vice-versa)
  • Composite & S-Video compatible
Inputs 1x S-video plug [1x S-video]
1x RCA [1x Composite]
Outputs 1x S-video plug [1x S-video]
1x RCA [1x Composite]
PSU: 7.5V/0.5A
Dimensions 65mm [W] x 110mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 80g
Gross Weight 420g