CR-TG1 Surface Mount Keypad Control System

CR-TG1 - 45 degree
CR-TG1 - 45 degree
CR-TG1 - Back
CR-TG1 - Front
The CR-TG1 Control Trigger Keypad is designed to be a simple and effective alternative for more complex control systems. This keypad features a set of 8 buttons which directly activate 8 trigger outputs which can be attached to any compatible control system.

The keypad’s connection cable allows the installer to extend system control to locations that are more convenient for user, such as a Meeting Room Tables, Lecterns, Podiums, etc. The CR-TG1's understated appearance makes this keypad an elegant and decorative addition to any professional AV installation.
  • 8 buttons linked directly to 8 triggers which are capable of instantly activating macros or functions on a connected control device
  • Provides extended control of compatible control devices
  • Allows for easy control of macros (on compatible control systems) which can activate complex multi-step events with a single button press
  • No external power supply required
  • Keypad can be cutomised to indicate control options
Outputs 1x Phoenix (10 pin) [1x Trigger Out (8)]
Dimensions 70mm [W] x 70mm [D] x 33mm [H]
Net Weight 106g
Gross Weight 200g