CR-TG2 Surface Mount Keypad Control Trigger

CR-TG2 - 45 degree
CR-TG2 - 45 degree
CR-TG2 - Schematic
CR-TG2 - Back
CR-TG2 - Front
​The CR-TG2 Control Trigger Keypad is designed to be a simple and effective alternative for more complex control systems. This keypad features a set of 8 buttons which directly activate 8 trigger outputs which can be attached to the compatible system. The CR-TG2 forms part of the PUV-1350PL-Kit together with the PUV-1350PL-TXWP and the PUV-1350PLA-RX. 

The keypad’s connection cable allows the installer to extend system control to locations that are more convenient for user, such as a Meeting Room Tables, Lecterns, Podiums, etc. The CR-TG2's understated appearance makes this keypad an elegant and decorative addition to any professional AV installation. 

The CR-TG2 is also used with the PUV-1330PL-Kit (coming soon)
  • 8 buttons linked directly to 8 triggers which are capable of instantly activating functions on the connected system
  • Provides extended control of compatible HDBaseT kit
  • No external power supply required
  • Keypad can be customised to indicate control options
  • Power and control signals transferred via CAT cable
Outputs 1x RJ45 [1x Trigger Out IR Propriety Data]
Dimensions 70mm [W] x 77mm [D] x 49mm [H]
Net Weight 110g
Gross Weight 200g